Arts engagement is an essential part of individual and community health

Through inclusive, accessible, and affordable online education, Arts in Health Institute provides valuable training to empower healthcare consumers and providers in the fight against local and global health crises. We are revolutionizing the approach to health and well-being with arts engagement training and advocacy. Join us to promote healthy communities around the world.
  • Dr. Sarah Ness

    Dr. Sarah Ness

    Founder of Arts in Health Institute

    Sarah Ness, PhD has over fifteen years of professional experience in the arts in health field. She earned a masters degree in expressive arts therapies and a doctorate degree in integrative medicine. Dr. Ness has worked extensively with trauma survivors and children and families in crisis. Her experience includes work in mental health, community health, and medical hospital settings. She is a passionate advocate for the essential role of arts engagement in individual and public health. She believes that individual arts engagement advocates can make a great impact on the collective health and well-being of our communities.