Arts in Health Institute introduces an innovative approach to empower healthcare providers and consumers

This approach brings arts engagement into mainstream healthcare and self-care to alleviate the devastating health effects of chronic stress, disconnection, and social isolation

Through accessible and affordable online education, the Arts in Health Institute promotes the new research-based Arts in Health Connection Model. This model highlights the connection between arts engagement and positive health effects to counter the negative effects of conditions recently declared as global health epidemics. The Arts in Health Institute is revolutionizing our approach to healthcare by making valuable arts integration training accessible to healthcare professionals and healthcare consumers.
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Visual art, music, dance, theater, film, and creative writing. Engaging in these art forms can enhance health and well-being in powerful ways. Learn how to integrate the arts into the health and wellness goals of your patients and clients. Help them experience the benefits of arts engagement.

  • Learn about the new evidence-based model outlining the essential connection between arts engagement and improved health and well-being

  • Learn practical tools to start using right away and see the difference it makes with your patients and clients

  • Learn how to integrate the arts into self-care for your own burnout prevention and stress management

Why this course?

  • Proven Results

    Research shows that engaging in arts activities can have significant positive impacts on health and well-being. Integrating the arts into the treatment plans of your patients and clients can improve results and success in health and wellness goals.

  • Most Affordable

    Comparable certificate courses in Arts in Health range in price from $4,000 to $15,000. This course is designed and taught by an expert in the field for a fraction of the cost. As an online and self-paced course, it is affordable and accessible for all helping professionals.

  • Tools & Resources

    This course provides over 300 tools and resources that you can start using right away! You'll have full access to these resources for an entire year. This gives you time to work at your own pace and enjoy the learning experience for optimal professional development.

Course Instructor

  • Dr. Sarah Ness

    Dr. Sarah Ness

    Founder of Arts in Health Institute

    Sarah Ness, PhD has nearly fifteen years of professional experience in the arts in health field. She earned a masters degree in expressive arts therapies and a doctorate degree in integrative medicine. Dr. Ness has worked extensively with trauma survivors and children and families in crisis. Her experience includes work in mental health, community health, and medical hospital settings. She is a passionate advocate for the essential role of arts engagement in individual and public health. She believes that this course will offer the knowledge and accessibility needed to make a greater impact on the health and well-being of our communities.


  • Who can take this course?

    This course is designed for anyone working in a helping profession. Mental Health Professionals, Counselors, Social Workers, Psychologists, Health and Wellness Coaches, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, Physical and Occupational Therapists, Health Educators, Community Health Workers, and anyone else working to improve the health and well-being of individuals and/or communities.

  • Can I take this course if I'm not a helping professional?

    Yes. This course is designed for helping professionals and often references work with patients and clients, BUT it's really a course for anyone who wants to learn more about the power of the arts in health and well-being. If you're not a helping professional, you will still gain valuable knowledge and tools that you can start using right away for your own self-care and personal growth. You can also use this knowledge to advocate for arts integration into your own healthcare plans with your current and future healthcare providers.

  • Is this a self-paced course?

    Yes, this course is offered exclusively online and is self-paced. You will have access to the course content for an entire year and can complete each section of the course at your own pace.

  • Is this an art therapy course?

    No, this is not an art therapy course. Art therapy is a field focused only on visual art techniques used during a psychotherapy session to address goals of psychotherapy. Arts in health tools can include any creative expression (visual art, music, dance, theater, writing, etc) and can be incorporated into a variety of health settings to support a variety of health and wellness goals. The arts in health tools provided in this course include both facilitation tools and prescription tools. This includes resources for using the arts during sessions with patients/clients and resources for "prescribing" and encouraging arts activities to take place outside of sessions via community groups, classes, individual activities, etc.

  • Do I have to be "artistic" to benefit from this course?

    Having skills in the arts is not a requirement for you or your patient/client. The benefits of arts engagement are not dependent on active participation in the art making process. Receptive/Passive participation in arts activities such as listening to music, viewing art at a museum, going to the theater, watching a film, etc. are also forms of arts engagement that can benefit health and well-being.

  • Does this course count for CEU's?

    Continuing education for mental health and health practitioners varies by profession and from state to state in the US. Please check with your state board or professional organization to confirm requirements for continuing education credits. A certificate of completion is provided at the end of the course, and additional documentation can be requested to satisfy submissions for continuing education.

Free Extras Included!

In addition to year long access to the course content, you'll also receive these bonus benefits for FREE!

  • 1:1 Consultation

    As a participant in this course, you have the opportunity to connect individually with Dr. Sarah Ness for 1 FREE CONSULTATION SESSION. She will share her experience and expertise to help you successfully integrate the arts into your personal and professional practice.

  • Monthly Live Q & A Calls

    Enjoy the benefits of CONNECTING LIVE with an inspiring community of fellow learners every month. Deepen your understanding and professional growth with monthly group Q & A sessions with Dr. Sarah Ness.

  • Access to Private Facebook Group

    As a participant in this course, you'll be invited to join our PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP where you can connect with the instructor, connect with other students, share ideas and resources, brainstorm projects, and be a part of a supportive learning community.

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